Alternative Funding

Alternative funding can be defined as

Non-traditional form of funding that allows small business owners to get cash flow without traditional banking assistance”

It includes:

  • Loans/Grants
  • Non-Banking Finance Companies
  • Venture Investments
  • Competitive Platforms
Reasons To Pursue Alternative Sources
  • Lack of assets to offer as collateral for loans
  • Lack of assets to offer as collateral for loans
  •  high interest rates on traditional sources
  • Comparatively less time consuming process
  • Comparatively less documentation required
Alternative Funding Options:
Pitch Competitions
Online Lending
  • Business plans are proposed to the investors to gain pitch
  • Many Companies/Individuals Lend Capital Through Online Platforms
Benefits Of Alternative Funding
  • Low Interest Rates
  • Flexible Terms & Conditions
  • Longer Repayment Duration
  • Fast Approval
  • Transparent Pricing

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